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Reports & Papers

BPA Focus 2028 Energy Efficiency Comments

PNGC Power - BPA Focus 2028 EE Comments


Climate Change

PNGC Power comments on EPA Proposed Clean Air Act Rules 


ERO Compliance

NW Comments on FERC Acceptance for Filing in RM10-5-000 


NW Power & Conservation Council

PNGC Power coments on NWPCC's "The Effects of an Increasing Surplus of Energy Generating Capability in the Pacific Northwest" 
PNGC Power Comments on Council’s draft Sixth Power Plan 


Testimony on BPA 2012 Rate Case

TRM Rate Design Effects and the Rate Increase 
Dispachable Energy Balancing Service (DERBS) 
Low Density Discount, Irrigation Rate Discount 
Industrial Firm Power (IP-12) Value of Reserves Credit 
DSI Service Assumptions and Rates 
DERBS Testimony Exhibit A 
Direct Testimony on DSIs 


Wind Generation

PNGC Comments on Environmental Redispatch Proposal 


2013 - PNGC Power Utility School 101

Presentation made by PNGC Power staff to Congressional staff in Washington, D.C. 


Regional Dialogue Process

PNGC Power Comments Regarding the BPA Long-Term Regional Dialogue Policy Proposal 


Natural Resources

Proposed Memorandum of Agreement between the Kalispel Tribe and the Action Agencies 
Draft 2010 Expenditures Report, Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program 
Roman Gillen, Consumers Power Inc, Testimony before U.S. House Subcommittee on Water and Power, “Protecting Federal Hydropower Investments” 
PNGC Power Testimony before the U.S. House Hearing on Investment in Small Hydropower 
PNGC Power comments on Willamette Wildlife Agreement 
New poll shows Northwest voters value clean, reliable, renewable, climate friendly hydropower 
PNGC Power supports the Endangered Species Compliance and Transparency Act of 2006 
PNGC Supports Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act 
Coalition for Smart Salmon Recovery 
Northwest River Partners (Coalition for Smart Salmon Recovery) Response to Fish Passage Center Report 
Northwest River Partners (Coalition for Smart Salmon Recovery) Statement On Fish Passage Center Preliminary Analysis of 9/13/05 
PNGC Comments on June 8th, 2004 Amended Proposal on Summer Spill Operations 
Summer Spill for Columbia and Snake River Salmon 
Comments Regarding the "Draft Mainstem Amendments to the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program" 




PNGC Power Comments on Grid West Decision Point 2 
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Transmission Planning and Expansion 


Conservation and Renewables


PNGC Comments on Energy Efficiency Capital Funding 
PNGC Power comments on Conservation Post 2011, Phase 2 
PNGC Power comments on Expanding Oregon Renewable Portfolio Standard and Addressing Programmatic Implementation Issues 
PNGC Power comments on BPA's Post-2006 Conservation Program Proposal 


Direct Service Industry


PNGC Comments on Proposed Columbia Falls Aluminum Company Power Sales Agreement 
"Lookback" Process Regarding DSI Contracts joint letter 
PNGC Comments on Proposed BPA-ALCOA Contracts 
PNGC Comments on Proposed DSI Contract Term Sheets for FY2010-16 
PNGC Comments March, 2009