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Let's Neutralize Carbon
PNGC’s overarching goal is to build and maintain a future power supply portfolio that achieves the 3 goals of being clean, affordable, and reliable. After careful evaluation, we believe under our current contracts the best way to achieve this outcome is to build from a solid low-carbon resource portfolio provided by BPA, and then use industry standard tools to achieve 100% carbon-neutrality. Disjointed, state-by-state carbon or clean energy policies result in ineffective carbon reduction while at times leading to more expensive and less reliable electricity. It is time for the electric utility industry to embrace the goal of clean, affordable and reliable energy and identify policy solutions that cost effectively reduce carbon emissions and address climate change.
PNGC knows that for our members, 100% carbon-neutral can be achievable, affordable and reliable. To reach our stated goal of carbon-neutrality by 2033, PNGC needs BPA’s low-carbon products to remain competitive. We also believe well-structured markets and transmission access across the Northwest will allow for more efficient integration and dispatch of carbon-free resources and see a regional marketplace as a key tool for enabling long-term decarbonization. PNGC’s carbon-neutral commitment allows us to better plan for the future and use all of the industry standard tools in the toolbox to reduce and eliminate carbon in the most cost effective and reliable manner.